Senior Specs

Photos due – November 1st, 2017

The yearbook staff has decided to continue to allow outdoor backgrounds for the senior portrait pictures.

Not only do students have to adhere to 4J’s dress code but also the specs listed below. This will ensure the yearbook some degree of uniformity in the senior section. Students & photography studios may download a copy of our senior specs 2017

  • Wallet Size: roughly 2.4” by 3.4”
  • Head Size: top of head to chin should be 1 ¼”
  • Background: Either in a studio or outdoors.
  • Student’s Name: must be on the photo or w/ email.
  • No Props Such As: instruments, sports equipment, animals, etc.
  • Torso Only (no undergarments showing)
  • Digital Photos MUST be submitted 300 dpi and the proper size (2.4” by 3.4”), JPEG or PSD format, on a CD, DVD or via email.

Photos not meeting the above specs WILL NOT be accepted!

  • Photo studios have been given similar information. The school ID photo meets the above specifications and it will be used if we do not receive another professional portrait.
  • Lifetouch student ID photos meet these specifications and will be used if yearbook does not receive a photo from the seniors. We recommend ALL SENIORS get a Lifetouch taken during registration because it is their HOLDING SPOT in the senior section.
  • Adviser has the discretion to reject any photos deemed inappropriate.
  • Photos below are samples from our sponsor photography studios and do not necessarily meet the yearbook specifications.
  • All studios will take a photo that meets the yearbook specifications along with a variety of different shots.

Classic Rock Photography 541.912.9338

Classic Rock Photography







Senior Specs